Zdravko Krivokapić

Zdravko Krivokapić (Serbian Cyrillic: Здравко Кривокапић, pronounced [zdraʋko kriʋokapitɕ]; born 2 September 1958) is a Montenegrin mechanical engineering professor, writer, and politician serving as the Prime Minister of Montenegro since 4 December 2020.[1] In addition to his professorship at the Universities of Montenegro and East Sarajevo, he is one of the founders of the non-governmental organization called "We won't give up Montenegro", which was founded by Montenegrin professors and intellectuals in support of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro after a controversial religion law targeted the legal status and the property of the Church. His political views and public appearances are generally defined as moderate right, anti-corruption, Christian democratic, pro-European, and economically liberal, as well as pro-church, supportive of ethnic Serb interests, and culturally conservative.[2]

Krivokapić was born to Serb parents, Drago and Ikonija, in 1958 in Nikšić, which at the time was a part of the FPR Yugoslavia.[3] He graduated in 1981 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, Department of Production Engineering, as the best student of his generation. He enrolled in postgraduate studies in 1983 in the field of Production Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He defended his master's thesis called "Planning and Management of Spare Parts Stocks" in 1989.[4]

He received his doctorate in 1993 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica. The topic of the dissertation was called "Contribution to the automatic design of the technological process of cutting by means of an expert system".[4]

After completing his internship at the "Boris Kidrič" steel manufacturing company in Nikšić in 1982, he was elected an assistant trainee at the Department of Production Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica in 1983. He was elected assistant professor 1994. He was elected associate professor at the University of Montenegro in 1999 and became a full professor in 2004, when he was elected in the subjects of Informatics and Quality Management System.[4]

He is the president of the organizing and member of the program committee of the SQM Conference and the ICQME International Conference. He is the editor of the International Journal for Quality Research, indexed in the SCOPUS database, which has been published since 2007. He is a member of the program board of four journals and thirteen international conferences. He is a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Head of the Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Montenegro.[4] As part of his scientific research, he has published more than 250 papers in international journals, domestic journals, international conferences and domestic conferences. He is the author of 16 books and textbooks.[3]

In 2011, six years before Montenegro's accession to full NATO membership, Krivokapić was hired by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the Government of Montenegro for education on the procedures for introducing a quality system and ways to implement standards related to the NATO quality management system.[5]

Professor Krivokapić in August 2020.
Krivokapić appealing to opposition supporters not to fall for the provocations of the government one day after the elections.
Dritan Abazović, Zdravko Krivokapić and Aleksa Bečić at the signing of the agreement on the principles of the new government of Montenegro on 9 September 2020.
Krivokapić at the first session of the new assembly of the Parliament of Montenegro on 23 September 2020.
Bečić, Krivokapić, and Abazović holding a press conference on 8 October 2020 after President Đukanović has given Krivokapić the mandate to form the new government.
Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić presents the composition of new cabinet of the government of Montenegro, Podgorica, 5 November 2020.
(top) PM Zdravko Krivokapić, speech in Parliament of Montenegro, 4 December 2020. (below) President of the Parliament, Aleksa Bečić congratulates the newly-elected Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić.
Krivokapić meeting with NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, during his official visit to Brussels on 15 December 2020.
Krivokapić with Olivér Várhelyi during a visit to the European Commission, June 2021.
Krivokapić, then opposition list leader arguing with the Montenegrin police after they prevented an opposition convoy rally from entering Montenegrin capital Podgorica, during August 2020 parliamentary election campaign.
Prime Minister Krivokapić during his address to the protesting educators, Podgorica, 24 January 2021.