Hattie B's Hot Chicken

Hattie B's Hot Chicken is an American restaurant chain based in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by a father and son, each named Nick Bishop.[1][2][3][4][5] The company specializes in hot chicken, a fried chicken dish, and operates several restaurants in the Southern United States.

The restaurant is named after three women in the Bishop family with the name Hattie.[6][7] The company purveys hot chicken, a local specialty and signature dish of Nashville, chicken and waffles, side dishes, desserts and other foods. The chicken is provided at various spice levels.[8][9][10] The spiciest version of the hot chicken has been described as having a very marked, severe spiciness, and is prepared using ghost peppers as an ingredient.[8] The chicken is served with pickles and atop white bread, as per traditional local preparation methods.[8]

The original Hattie B's Hot Chicken opened in Midtown Nashville on August 9, 2012.[10][6][11] A second location opened in June 2014 in West Nashville,[1][6] a location in Birmingham, Alabama, opened in June 2016,[12][13] and a third Nashville location opened in November 2017.[14] A new location was opened in Midtown Memphis in April 2018.[15] An Atlanta, Georgia, location opened in July 2018.[16] In the fall of 2018, a location opened inside The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada.[17] It is a privately held, family-owned company.[8]

Columnists in USA Today and Sports Illustrated reviewed the restaurant in 2017.[8][9] In 2017, it was ranked sixth on The Daily Meal's list of America's 75 Best Fried Chicken Spots.[18][19]

Half-chicken (dark meat) at Hattie B's with side of baked beans and mac & cheese
Half-chicken (dark meat) at Hattie B's with side of baked beans and mac & cheese